The Joint Office for Science Support

The Joint Office for Science Support (JOSS) of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) is a team of professional and skilled technical and administrative specialists whose mission is to collaborate with the scientific community. JOSS works closely with scientists and research managers to plan, organize and conduct scientific programs in the most productive, efficient and cost-effective ways.

Meeting Planning and Implementation

  • JOSS arranges and administers 450 scientific meetings, conferences and workshops worldwide annually.
  • We provide site selection, vendor contract negotiation, AV rental and setup, shipping, poster boards, catering, group ground transportation, security, and special events.
  • We keep up with the latest meeting technology and provide meeting websites, online registration, abstract collection, teleconferencing, web-casting, etc.

Travel Arrangements

JOSS arranges worldwide travel for over 1,550 scientists from over 312 academic, research, and other organizations, annually.


  • JOSS produces professional quality written material either in-house or through contracting services.
  • We manage document preparation including abstracts to journals, onsite meeting documentation, and webpage support.
  • We are able to warehouse inventory and disseminate publications as needed electronically, by mail, or at events.

Special Staffing

  • JOSS provides scientific, technical and programmatic expertise to several national and international projects with off-site staff hired as JOSS employees.
  • Young, educated professionals, new in their careers, are recruited as UCAR employees to work in the broader scientific community and government agencies on highly focused problems.


JOSS develops and administers activity budgets and provides regular reporting to funders.

Field Project Logistics

JOSS provides logistic support to field observing campaigns from the planning stage through the post-campaign research workshops:

  • Shipping and import/export of hazardous materials
  • Customs clearances, immigration, tax exemptions
  • Set-up and maintenance of administrative and operations facilities
  • Financial services, local staffing and service contracts
  • Crisis management and general onsite support

You handle the science.

JOSS handles the support.


JOSS supports the Okeanos Explorer cruises discovering new species with a robotic vehicle in oceans around the world.

Now accepting Internship Applications for the Okeanos Explorer Cruises 2013.
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  Watch live video feeds from the Okeanos Explorer 2012 Expeditions

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