GOIN99 Meeting
22 - 25 March 1999

East-West Center - Jefferson Hall
Honolulu, HI

GOIN99 is Sponsored by NOAA and STA.

In 1993 President Clinton of the United States and Prime Minster Miazawa of Japan implemented GOIN under the Common Agenda for Cooperation in Global Perspective. GOINís purpose is to exchange global environmental data via information networks within and between the U.S. and Japan, to identify existing capabilities and weaknesses, to strengthen bilateral cooperation in Earth observation programs, and to serve as a prototype for future global observation network collaboration. So far, GOIN workshops have been held in 1996 , 1997  and 1998, to bring together science and technology in support of the Common Agenda goal of protecting the global environment. The GOIN99 Workshop is scheduled for 22-25 March at the Hawaii IMIN International Conference Center, the East-West Center, University of Hawaii.

The meeting theme for GOIN99 is the Application of High Performance Networks for Global Change Research. It is the intent of the GOIN99 workshop to bring together experts representing scientific disciplines and network engineering, and to exploit this expertise for the benefit of global change research. Scientists representing the Land, Oceans, Atmospheres, and Space Weather communities will provide demonstrations of research results in their respective fields. Most of these demonstrations will take advantage of high performance network connectivity between the University of Hawaii, the U.S. mainland, Japan and the rest of Asia.

GOIN99 Workshop Background
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