Vibrios In The Environment 2010

7-12 November 2010

Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

Conference co-chairs: Rita Colwell and Angelo DePaola
Program Chair: Jim Oliver
Local Arrangements Chair: Jay Grimes

The Vibrios in the Environment 2010 Conference was a huge success! We had 286 participants in attendance from 28 countries.


There is unprecedented activity in the U.S. and globally to control the risk of vibrios and yet in most countries illnesses are increasing. In addition to human disease, vibrios play major roles in health and ecology of marine animals, including fish, mollusks, and corals. Furthermore, the vibrios are still regarded by most marine microbiologists as the dominant culturable bacteria in the ocean and there is good reason to believe that global warming may increase their presence.

In 1980, the first conference to convene leading Vibrio researchers met in Louisiana for the “Vibrios in the Environment” conference. In the following 30 years, Vibrio research increased exponentially, bringing these organisms into the forefront of basic scientific discovery and the global public health debate. Vibrios in the Environment 2010 Conference will focus on current research on Vibrio ecology and pathogenesis of humans and marine animals. The conference will also focus on the socioeconomics and public health impacts of Vibrio spp., as well as on current efforts to increase public safety through the development of improved risk assessment tools, early warning systems, improved hygiene, and post harvest treatments of shellfish.

Late Breaking Session Friday November 12, 2010: Vibrios in the Time of Oil

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